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While chasing the Mysterious Yeti in the outer region of the Himalayas, I was tricked by this Ape like creature to approach him on an already fractured slab of rock.

The rock broke free and I slid into a crevice between the mountain and an endless drop.

The only visible sight was the trail I had so quickly came down from. The Yeti watched me knowing once again he had deceived the eyes of public.

The night was tough, the winds and frigid temperatures left me in a state of paralysis.

During the next what I assumed afternoon I seen what looked like a pom pom bouncing along the broken trail.

I screamed at the top of my lungs for any hope of response. And what happened next forged my future. This goddess like face appeared over the edge. She was the most beautiful women I had ever seen, my heart which was frozen, broke the crust of ice and began pumping at a furious rate.

She yelled to see if I was okay, struck by her beauty I was lost for words.

She was a young small athletic figure with the most beautiful eyes I had ever gazed upon.

I asked for her hat, my ears were frozen.

She placed it upon my head and it was the most comfortable handmade toque I had ever worn.

At that point we knew the world would be a warmer, safer and more loving place if we could give others the opportunity to own these wonderful winter hats.

That's the story of how Pati Voy began.

A trail less followed began a legacy in design.




Europe: Patrycja Wojtasiak mob +48 530 95 95 95 pativoy@pativoy.com

North Amercia: Gene Butler mob +1 403 200 9956 gene.butler@pativoy.com

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